Sbep arwing body

Name: Arwing
Modeled By: SLYFo
Hardpoints: Has hardpoints for engines only, which accept small weapons.
Description: A remake of the craft from StarFox. Accepts engines, and has wings designed for it.

Sbep assault pod

Name: Assault Boarding Pod
Modeled By: SLYFo
Hardpoints: None, can be mounted to the underside of a SWORD
Description: Get in and hit SPACEBAR to launch. If you hit a prop or the ground at nearly head on, the pod will latch on/explode, and you will be put inside the ship/on the ground. The pod is currently uncontrollable in flight, it can only go in one direction. Bear this in mind when using a boarding pod.

SideNote: It is possible to change the angle of flight by moving the mouse. The change is slight, but it can mean the difference between hitting the target and bouncing off.

Sbep clunker

Name: Clunker
Modeled By: SLYFo
Hardpoints: None
Description: Not useful for much apart from getting from Point A to Point B.

Sbep CrateMover

Name: Cratemover
Modeled By: SLYFo
Hardpoints: Not yet scripted
Description: Will be scripted in the future to accept and transport the large cargo crates, and crate based resource management/generation

Sbep transportlarge

Name: Large Transport
Modeled By: SLYFo
Hardpoints: None
Description: Large transport with lots of cargo space.

Sbep lcomcorv

Name: Light Combat Corvette
Modeled By: GlenSkunk
Hardpoints: 2
Description: A general purpose craft that can be used for nearly everything ranging from cargo transport to fast attacks.

Sbep sword

Modeled By: SLYFo
Hardpoints: 3 medium weapon mounts (1 under the cockpit and 1 under each engine), 1 small weapon mount on each side of the cockpit and a mount for an Assault Pod underneath the main body.
Description: A one-man fighter with room for loads of weaponry.

Sbep transportsmall

Name: Small Transport
Modeled By: SLYFo
Hardpoints: None
Description: A smaller version of the large transport.

Sbep rover1 chassis

Name: Rover
Modeled By: SLYFo
Hardpoints: Armor plates can be mounted on both sides and the back. These plates come with or without mounts for weapons. The side plates can hold tiny weapons and the back plate can hold one small weapon, or a manned turret with two hardpoints. Hover-jets or wheels can be mounted underneath.
Description: A small one-man ground vehicle.

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